Our Story

Kenny Oakley is a transplanted Texan that came to the Charlotte, NC area in 2006.  With more than 20 years of restaurant management experience, Kenny began KO Food Truck in 2013.   Kenny has created a unique Tex-Mex menu with a lime and cilantro twist.

From season to season, KO looks for part-time employees.  Please contact, Kenny Oakley, at 704-819-1153  if you are interested in gaining experience in the food truck industry.


Our food truck

We hope that our customers enjoy the food truck experience and food we have brought to the Charlotte area.  Tex-mex is more than just tacos.  Come see what we have to offer.


Mission, Vision, Values

KO Food Truck


Food Truck


When you cook what you love, a little bit of that love goes into your food.  We believe that.  We cook the Tex-mex flavors that we enjoy and in turn, bring that to our customers.  We believe in God and family first and try to spend as much time with our girls as we can and also serve the communities that we are involved with---the food truck industry in Charlotte, our church, and the community in which we live.  We hope that you get a chance to try our food and enjoy time with your family and friends also.